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June 20, 2011

Alex and Robin first met in grade school, and in fifth grade had major crushes on each other. This is where I could say that Robin finally had a friend ask Alex to go out with him – because that’s how fifth graders do that sort of thing, right? :) – but… neither one made a move. Nothing happened. However, fast forward to two years after their high school graduation. Alex and Robin reconnected, fell in love, and last week we were photographing their engagement session in little school house several miles from where it all began!

Alex and Robin are a special couple. We loved not only their vintage style, but the way they interact with each other! They make each other smile… they make each other laugh… it’s a romantic and fun connection that sets them apart, and makes their relationship unique!

School house photo session 001
Schoolhouse Engagement Session
School house engagement session
Vintage Engagement
Vintage Engagement Session

A huge part of their lives is the band that Robin plays in called “Entrophy.” What makes it a big part of their lives is that the band practices in Alex and Robin’s garage… that’s right, a real live garage band! So, they invited the band mates over for a couple photos of some face-melting rock and roll!

Garage Band

Alex and Robin live across the street from a golf course where I spent a lot of time hacking around when I was first learning the game 9 years ago. We pulled in their drive and I told them… “Hey, I’ve hit your fence with a golf ball before!” You have to be a pretty terrible golfer (which I definitely was at the time) to accomplish such a feat, but according to Robin… I wasn’t the only one to ever do that. :) Good to know… good to know!

Alex and Robin: “You two struck a chord (pun intended) with us… between your style, your enthusiasm on the photo shoot, and your love for music. We appreciate the way your snuggles and laughs and ‘little moments’ come so easy for you. It was a blast working with you and we wish you the best as you plan for the big day in August!! God bless… ” R&J

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